Transport and traffic noise and vibration

Surveying and assessing noise & vibration from transport

New roads, railways, ports and other essential infrastructure can generate significant noise and vibration. Many schemes, in addition to planning consent, will require Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA), Harbour Revision Orders (HRO) or other primary legislative Instruments, in which assessment of air quality, noise and vibration, and transport-related impacts may be a key consideration.

Echo Acoustics has significant experience in:

  • Baseline environmental noise and vibration surveys.
  • Assessment of development-generated noise and vibration, and transport effects on surrounding sensitive uses.
  • Assessment of construction-related noise and vibration, and transport-related effects.
  • Computer modelling for noise.
  • Public consultation, local authority liaison and expert witness services.
Photo of cars by building, being monitored for noise, to illustrate transport and traffic noise and vibration monitoring by Echo Acoustics

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