Noise and vibration at work

Noise and vibration at work - regulation compliance

Prolonged exposure to moderate to high levels of noise and vibration at work, as well as short-term exposure to excessive or sudden high-energy noise, can lead to significant hearing loss for exposed workers. Operators can also be affected by vibration exposure, with conditions such as 'vibration white finger' and lower back injury .

Protection is achieved through compliance with the control of Noise at Work Regulations 2005 and the Control of Vibration at Work Regulations 2005. The Regulations provide set noise and vibration limit values but also place a statutory duty upon Employers to reduce noise and vibration exposure, irrespective of level, wherever reasonably practicable, through technical or organisational measures. In the case of noise, the provision of personal hearing protection is not sufficient. We have the expertise to advise you on the necessary actions to take for compliance in your workplace.

The Regulations require employers to conduct risk assessments and, where exposure is deemed to be too high, to take steps to assess and reduce noise exposure by undertaking a 'suitable and sufficient' assessment by 'someone who is competent to carry out the task' — which essentially means a qualified acoustic expert such as Echo Acoustics.

Echo Acoustics has significant experience in:

  • Occupational noise and vibration surveys, both attended and unattended surveys.
  • Assessment of occupational noise and vibration exposure in accordance with the Noise or Vibration Regulations.
  • Assessment and specification of noise and vibration control measures.
  • Assessment and specification of personal hearing protection requirements or vibration reduction measures.
  • Regulator liaison (Health and Safety Executive).

Many control measures involve simple, practical and cost-effective measures, not necessarily the purchase of expensive equipment. We always seek the most cost-effective and practical solution to any noise or vibration exposure issue.

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Picture of man in safety clothing in industrial plant being monitored to illustrate  noise and vibration at work services from Echo Acoustics

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