Industrial Noise and Vibration Monitoring

Industrial noise and vibration

Echo Acoustics is experienced in measuring and monitoring the noise and vibration effects if industrial activity, and assessing the likely environmental impact of proposed industrial projects.

The development and expansion of new or existing industrial uses requires planning consent by the local authority and may, additionally, be subject to Environmental Permitting regulation and Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA).

Industrial noise and vibration emissions may be created during construction, from day-to-day on-site process operations, from fixed and mobile plant equipment and from off-site transport movements. Particular problems can be associated with low frequency or tonal noise, often coming from the operation of fixed plant equipment.

Industrial and large-scale commercial operations can also give rise to significant effects associated with additional traffic to and from the site, such as for increased deliveries or a growing work-force.

Assessment of industrial effects can also encompass wind farm schemes, both large and small, where operational noise impacts can be exacerbated by 'visual' impacts and other subjective effects. The construction phase can also give rise to potential adverse noise, vibration and transport-related effects.

Echo Acoustics has significant experience in:

  • Baseline environmental noise and vibration monitoring and surveys, including long-term unattended surveys.
  • Assessment of operational noise and vibration effects.
  • Assessment of construction-related noise, vibration, and transport-related effects.
  • Computer noise modelling.
  • Public consultation, local authority liaison and expert witness services.
photo of industrial site - a rooftop with pipework, being monitored for noise.

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