Building and Development Noise and Vibration

Noise and vibration assessments for building and developments

New housing, or any other development of land, is subject to planning consent by the local authority. Large schemes with a potentially significant environmental impact may also require Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA). The impact of noise and vibration during construction, and as a result of the day-to-day activities of the completed project, is a key consideration in planning applications.

Showing that the environmental impact of building and development noise and vibration has been considered at all stages is crucial. Echo Acoustics is highly experienced in assessing and reporting on potential building and development noise and vibration impact, including computer modelling. Also in monitoring, assessing,  reporting and advising on actual noise and vibration levels from existing developments.

We have significant experience in:

  • Baseline environmental noise and vibration surveys.
  • Predictive assessment of existing noise and vibration effects on proposed residential development.
  • Assessment of development-generated noise and vibration effects.
  • Assessment of construction-related noise and vibration effects.
  • Analysis of transport-related noise and vibration issues.
  • Computer modelling for noise and vibration - DMRB, ADMS/ADMS-roads, AERMOD, AERMET.
  • Public consultation, local authority liaison and expert witness services.
Development plan drawing to illustrate Echo Acoustics planning and development noise and vibration environmental impact assessment service

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