Echo Acoustics

  • Slide on grey background showing noise being monitored in an industrial environment to illustrate echo acoustic's noise and vibration monitoring services.
    Commercial, industrial and residential noise and vibration monitoring and remediation.

Echo Acoustics is an independent professional noise & vibration consultant based in the North West of England - perfectly placed to deliver flexible and effective consultancy services across the UK.

Our noise and vibration consultancy services include:

  • Environmental noise monitoring, vibration monitoring, assessment, reporting and advice.
  • Desk-based environmental noise & vibration assessments for Planning, EIA, Environmental Permitting, residential, industrial and commercial developments, transport and infrastructure.
  • Construction-related noise and vibration, including traffic noise and vibration assessment.
  • Computer modelling for noise.
  • Occupational noise and vibration surveys and assessments.

Echo Acoustics offers advice on the most appropriate course of action related to any noise & vibration issue – noise monitoring in the workplace, for existing or proposed developments, industrial environments; and issues around transport, logistics and infrastructure.

The experience and skills we can bring to a project cover a very wide range from field-surveys & monitoring, through desk-based predictive assessment, to expert witness services.

Chris Taylor, Associate Environmental Scientist, URS Corporation

“I had the pleasure of working with Mike for four years, over which time he developed Haskoning’s noise and vibration capability and built a successful team to support a diverse range of clients. Over that time, Mike demonstrated a positive, client-focussed approach, delivering precisely what clients needed to achieve their objectives. I was always impressed with Mike’s confident approach to stakeholders and the public, particularly in high pressure meetings and Public Inquiry”

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